Pipework construction

Pipework construction from a professional

DEVEX Anlagenbau GmbH's services for process plants include the professional installation of piping systems. Our assembly teams are skilled in a variety of piping construction techniques - not least pipe welding and press-fit connections. Such processes require specialised knowledge and skills if they are to be of high quality, consistent and cost-effective. In addition to the food industry, other sectors also rely on safe, hygienic connections in their plants.


Perfect connections

Safety of pipes comprises various aspects: It includes robustness and solidity as well as durability and reliability. Leaks must be avoided, for example, in the transport of liquids and the passage of steam or gases. Quite often the pipes have to be designed for different substances with different properties and for different pressures. In addition, there are numerous technical rules, standards and regulations. Specialised technical expertise and practical experience in piping construction are required to prevent damage and accidents. The professionals at DEVEX have both and know when to use which technology.

Pipe welding requires experienced welders who can connect pipes precisely and safely. It goes without saying that all standards and regulations must be complied with to ensure that the pipes function properly in the long term. Maintenance and servicing of connection solutions are two of the most important aspects of piping construction to ensure that plants continue to function perfectly.


Press-fit connections, on the other hand, do not require any welding at all. Special press fittings are used to join the piping together. This enables faster and more efficient installation of the pipings. Press-fit connections are secure and leak-free.


DEVEX's assembly teams work precisely and carefully to ensure that the pipes are installed properly and meet the specific requirements of each plant and process. Certificates included, not just for drinking water or pressure equipment. We work closely with our customers to find the best solutions for laying and connecting the pipes.


Are you interested? Please contact us. We will find the right answer to all the questions you may have about the design of your plant.


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Pipework construction, example: Evaporator
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